Friday, May 23, 2014


seriusly x tau pon selama ni sebenarnya pakai skirt tu best, oh god why???
kalau la tahu, memang belambak skirt akan dibawa from malaysia.. i had a lot of skirts back in my closet in malaysia, but i just buy them because they r cheap, and if i dont buy them, i might get an epileptic seizure.. haha, joking.. tpi beli just sbb dia murah, n nampak cantek n x pernah pakai.. apa lah

then tahun ni, time summer i just trying mix and match thingy with my skirt that i brought here.. and just rock em to class, turns out best! oi, best ok, sila paham.. summer so hot, skirt so flowy, best!! and baju kurung too.. they absorb sweats really well. i can say, like they had build in aircond in it or anything closed to that.. haha..

huih, skirt and me never gonna be good.. i tripped, stepped on, senget benget, but practices make perfect right? hehee

ok, nak jadi lebih perempuan lagi..

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

summer here

so, apa yang beza sgt summer in volgo and cuaca kat malaysia?
banyak bezanya.. ramai yg bila kita cakap, aih panas sgt lah kat sini, x tahan, adalah yg berpendapat bhw kami ni semua bagaikan kacang lupakan kulit,, noooo, kami ckp camtu, sbb tersangat kontra summer in volgo n cuaca di malaysia

so, here we go!
-u might be sweating- :p

1) sini cuaca panas dan kering
-which ur skin will dry up and flake
-scale, kene pakai lotion, if not, keringgggg cam psoriasis ok
-haba badan terkumpul, rasa panas smpai kepala
-kipas kadang2 bawak angin panas, so, panas sgttttttt
-pasang kipas pon panas lagi

2) tiada awan

exactly like this, no kidding..

-yes, no cloud, only blue sky
-no shades
-direct uv!!!
-direct sunburn and skin will get red n itches right away
-appreciate awan in malaysia!

3) cahaya sangat terik
-sbb x de awan, so the sun ray directly fries us
-pkai baju, rasa cam lepas baju tu kene iron
-duduk under sun ray, even lam bus, even less than 5 minutes dah mandi peluh
-panas!!!!! oh GOD!

4) kelas x de kipas
-kat malaysia kelas ada aircond,besttttt
-sini, kelas ada tingkap sahaja,
-imagine, sitting in a small room, with 35degree outside and no kipas, urgh
-literally a sauna

5) transport x de aircond
-so, people tend to smell
-smell plus kedap udara =  rasa nak pengsan
-profuse sweating u ge itt??

6) kering
-dahaga forever
-ice cream forever
-crack lips
-crack skins

7) byk jalan
-so mmg burn right away
-like walk for 30 minutes dah burn okkkkkkk
-kat mesia, naek keta, aircond, bestttt, shopping mall aircond, jam tengah jalan pon at least ada aircond kan hee

8) insects!
-kat sini ada serangga kecik yg akan follow u all pegi mana2
-kadang2 rasa ada yg tertelan kot

9) kat rumah x de build in kipas
-beli kipas pun x cukup
-kene mandi lima kali sehari dengan air sejok

10) sgt222222 panas
-baju basuh tangan boley kering under 2 hours no kidding

11) waktu siang panjang
-mencabar, sbb subuh terlalu awal, like 2.40 am and isa' terlalu lambat like 11 pm
-sgt mencabar nak jaga waktu solat
-kene tebalkan iman juga

12) berhabuk, dusty
-buka tingkap, meja akan berhabuk in one day
-once a day, kene clean meja, or else, u will end up in a mess, ur notes covered with dust
-provoke acne, huish

so, ni yg boley list stakat ni..
SUNBLOCK is a must.. i even bawak payung.,. hahaha, i dun care what people say, but sun ray here is unacceptable. and i am 3 shades darker now due to dry skin n itches.. burn + red skin.. T_T

well, stay hydrated! need to drink a lot of water and kene tuka lotion on aqua base plak.. no oil for summer k, it will block the pores.. embraces summer hijabis!!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

move on

some people might find it hard to move on, some people just need an adjustment, some people move on right away.. it depends on how actually you deal with it.. yeah, YOU..  and of course the reasons behind it..

well, actually i move on pretty fast, *is it?* well, on average i think people need some time, min would be 6 months.. but 3 months will do.. 

so, here are the steps.. WARNING! you might feel a lil nauseous and feel like u gonna loose your life.. i really mean it.. 

-tears are strength! 
-cry, cry, cry, and let it all out
-a day would be enough

2) remove them from ur sight
-erase their number
-unfriend on fb, twitter, insta, tumblr or what u can think of
-block their number
-avoid meeting them

*this step is very crucial, as u try to move forward, their sight will loosen ur faith

3)dont try to contact them, even u miss them like crazy or u might get v-fib if u dont, just DON'T
-dont reply any of their messages
-dont answer their call
-dont ever stalk them!!!! DONT STALK!

4)keep in mind what they had done to u

-this is very important, u must keep it in mind, u are not worth trying for something stupid!!!!!
-if they cheated, what are u insane?? remember
-dont be fooled by their lies

5) find a distraction
-kdrama would help a lot i think
-catch up you movies
-find your fav series
-hang out more
-anything would do.. try something new

6) spend more time with your family and friends
-share everything with your family, trust me, they always help you
-listen to your friends more
-go crazy with em!

7)dont listen to break up song
-well u can listen to them for like 2 days. haha
-then, just go on with other songs
-happy and crazy songs will do

8) give more time to urself
-shopping online
-go for spa
-facial time

9) trust in God..
-the most crucial part in moving on is ur prayer.. :)

10)forgive and forget
-forgive all their mistake, this will put your heart at ease.. and forget it.. if u can.. :)

well, this is what i had been doing.. and it works well for me.. so yeah, dont ever turn back, just move along and put your aim high.. single life is the best gift i get so far.. never thought that it would be this expectation free.. 

btw, enjoy your life, dont let anybody tripped you on your way.. only you can change your life!

move on and start a new chapter.. dont waste ur time to look back and regret, move on with hope.. something happened for a reason..

p/s: hope this will help someone, someday.. 

something you can ponder.. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


so, i love gardening.. who else have the same interest with me hands up!!!

actually, every year balek, i will tanam something.. semai something.. and for two months i nutured them with all my love and left home.. so balek2 after 10 months, i only see empty pots at the exact place with the exact rotted plant, just like how i left it.. haha, well my parents had been busy, and they had to take care of many things, rather than my plants..

there had been cactus, aloe vera, keladi, every sort of keladi that i had known.. u know once i was very obsessed with this keladi thingy.. macam2 keladi i plant and they grew up so well.. even breed em.. pheww.. they still are there, at the pavement.. hehe, oh oh, lpe plak, tomato, watermelon, mangga, cili, lada besaq, erm, klu nak listkan rasanya satu entry mungkin.. haha.. tpi cactus tu memang antara yang main..

tpiiii, this time, abah did took care of my cili!! omg!! i semai  them in 3 polybag.. ada dua bag cili kampung and one is red small cili which i dunno what do we call it.. haha, x pe, tanam je dulu.. seeds of the cili kampung, i got em from one of my sis's friend.. he planted that cili in cameron highland, and they grew up excellently, well u cant really see where is the leaves cause the plant is full with cili! red, orange and white.. nice on eyes and good in budu.. yaw.. sedap nyaaaaa..

so, out of 3 polybag, abah took one polybag and plant em in a vase.. which yg kelaka, in one polybag tu ada la lam 17-25pokok.. haha, abah ckp, dia amek je tanam terus.. sbb x nak tgok pokok tu rotted.. haha.. lawak je, bygkan, pokok kecik2, lil space, berebut nk tumbuh sesama dalam vase? how funny is that! and the other 2 bags, abah gave to my grandma.. yeay!! anddddd, skang ni, in that vase that ada dua pokok yg berbuah., yeayyy!!! my cili had breeddddddd, they give childrens! oh god, x saba nk balek nak tgokkkkk..

umi did took care of my cactus this time.. yay!!! balek kali ni, i must pamper em all with baja organic, with good soil, argh, x saba nak plant more pokok lah gini! but sadly my tomato trees died.. once i used to grow em, musuh ketat pokok tomato is snail.. serius, they can eat up ur whole tree in one night.. but tomato manja, u kene support pokok tu with braces and they did need a lot of water... manja punya pokok.. cili senang je, cuma kene constantly jaga with air yg cukup, and letak tmpt yg ada shade.. :)

x saba nk tgok my pokoks! love umi n abah for taking care of my other half.. my trees..hehe

Sunday, May 11, 2014

some words

sometimes, there are words that are not worth saying.. these words that slit down through your precious tongue cant be taken back.. they will always dancing in other's mind.. they will always be imprisoned in your own mind.. counter react with other problems that had already tangled up ur brain.. like sulcus like gyrus they are.. alike, but not imposter.. i must said.. word does hurt.. like ego, they hurt your pride..

sometimes, they say, people who are known as kind, will stay the same as they are.. i would say, people changed.. they way they think, they way they see things will not forever stay stagnant as they are now.. they will evolve, with experiences with bitterness and sweetness of life's journey..just like what wanderlust thought us how to prepare for another unforgetful adventure..

oneday, you will realize that things around you wont stick around forever as what u had imagined.. someday you will understand why people must changed, why unspoken words must be utter, just so u can move forward.. imagine our life as a ladder.. and imagine our goal is on the other side of the wall.. for us to climb up, we need to forseen what is ahead waiting for us as a motivation, and to do that, we must move on, move forward, leave the flaw that we had made.. changed.. be someone who is strong enough to face the awaiting journey that no one on earth know what it would look like.. forgive..

mature, is just a word.. not a parameter that u must achieve.. you defined yourself, not others.. chin up, buckle up! no one else should know your flaw except the one  who you trust the most-yourself.. so that no one will question your decisions.. because you colour your own destiny..