Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hi There!! 

assalamualaikum semua.. n_n
sgt lame x update blog.. a lot of things coming thru dekat akhir2 nie.. exam fever dah mai dah.. ketaq2 lutut..
=_='' hurm, camne nk jadi rajin nieeeyyy!! haiyoo.. dunno how, but fake it till u make it rite! :D
chiillllll.. heh

btw, lately senang saket..x tau nape.. ritue malaise + fever + celcema +atukk
pastu, kit yot + fever + malaise + running nose
patom, gatai2 tekak
n now, batuk kong kang kong kang.. =_=''

x tau nape.. immunity rendah kowt.. hurm...

pape pown.. 
2011 gonna ends soon.. esok da 2012.. 
sometimes i just forget that i'm 20.. slalu igt 19.. x tau nape.. urgh..
esok da 21.. 21!!!!!! kowttttt.. uhuh.. but nothing much changed in me.. 

still rase cam kanak2..
still x meced..
still x independence..
still tgok spongebob.
still tgok cartoon..
still singing to twinkle2 lil star..
i think, i'm 12 instead of becoming 21.. 
tapi, dengan masa, i should move on.. be more mature, more like a women than a girl.. 

mission 2012: making things that impossible, possible.. :D cheewahh!

but a lot of things happened in 2011.. and sket sebnyk, the memories leave me with a thousands of unanswered questions.. and i'm still searchin the meaning behind those memories.. hope i'll get all the answers in 2012.. ngee.. :) hope so, insyallah.. 

and here, something that i've done in 2011.. :)
cross what i've done.. copy from tumblr.. hehe.. copy lah if u think this is fun.. 

Gotten a new piercing. 
Dyed my hair.
Ended a relationship.
Started a new relationship.
Been on a long car/bus journey. 

Passed an exam.
Met someone who’s now an important part of my life.
Cried on someone’s shoulder.

Had a massive fight with a boy/girl.
Received flowers
Had a Valentine.
Written a letter using pen & paper. 
Gone to see a therapist. 
Been prescribed medication by a doctor.
Read a really good book.
Gone to the zoo. 
Spent too much money on unnecessary things.

Traveled by train. 
Cried over a member of the opposite sex.
Spent the day out in the sun getting a tan. 
Slammed a door out of frustration.
Had an anxiety attack.

Babysat for a friend’s child.
Had a BBQ.
Gone to the fair

Gone bowling.
Seen a film at the cinema in 3D.
Gone on a date.
Been the only sober one on a night out. 
Helped someone home after they had been drinking.
Stayed up all night.
Talked on the phone for over two hours.
Supported someone who’d received bad news.
Watched some kind of live sporting event.

Read an entire book in one day.
Bought a DVD the day it was released.
Eaten McDonald’s more than four times in a single week.
Cried as a result of exam stress.
Met some incredible new people. 
Gone to great parties.
Fallen backwards off a chair.

Broken my glasses. 
Worn a watch for the first time in years.
Cried over someone in the past.
Spent hours aimlessly browsing the internet. 
Thrown up.
Cried over a film.

Gone out of my way to avoid an ex-boy/girlfriend.
Fought with someone in public.
Been in a relationship for a year or longer. 
Cried in front of someone I adore.
Lost some of my closest friends.

p/s: just for fun.. hehe.. :) smoga tahun baru jadi tahun yg lebey baek dari segi rohani, akal n jasmani... hehe.. :D:D

Monday, December 12, 2011

endure it

Hi There!

pertama skali..
lately, byk sgt penyaket mai singgah.. =_='' demam, saket tekak, selsema, mucus2 sume2, saket2 sume2.. tapi mulut nie cepat je mengeluhh.. aish!!! i knew i shouldn't mengeluh, but i just can't help it.. smpailah tersinggah satu blog yg ade tulis ini:

"Tidaklah seorang Muslim ditimpa gangguan berupa penyakit dan lain-lainnya, melainkan Allah menggugurkan kesalahan-kesalahannya sebagaimana pohon yang menggugurkan daunnya." (Bukhari-Muslim)

woaaahh!!! rase cam kene ketuk2 kepala.. :D:D rupe2nye saket nie satu nikmat yg Allah berikan.. x semua Allah berikan nikmat saket ini, hanya to choosen one, sebagai kafarah untuk dosa.. insyallah.. then, i redha and teruskan hidup, sealed mulut, dah x nak mengeluh! :D

haha. :P

arinie, gi kelas lam keadaan separa sehat.. saket2 sket.. lecture tadi tertido.. aiyaa kantoi maaa.. haha, tulisan lam buku jadi cam cacing2 x faham suda.. :p tapi saket tu kan kafarah dosa, maka i pown kuatkan semangat.. gi kelas seterusnya.. 

bertahan dengan saket, no i mean, endure the pain!!! chaiiiyokkkkk... pastu maybe mata cam lebam2 sket sbb tido lam lecture muahahaha.. n mmg muka tgah tahan saket, chegu suruh gi beli ubat.. so pegi la beli, then makan, pastu ubat tu ngantooksksksksksss.. pale da x btol.. chegu cakap.. идите домой.. :O 

muka x larat, senyum, kemas2 beg, balek.. hehe.. :D:D smpai umah, tido.. bgun, terasa diri lebey sehat.. alhamdulillah.. :D

owh, tapikan skang nie bising2 sal rntai owl tu kan?? yg comey tu kan?? tau x?? ade org ckp x ley pakai sbb gmba haiwan or sbb dia bawa unsur freemason? owh?? byk plak tnda soal aish...... =.='' aritue penah pakai kowttt.. woooot, cute kowt mende tu.. eheh... aynn punyaaa :p

cute kan?? :D:D

p/s: jom stadi!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Hi There!

crying like a bosss.. pleasee.. T_T nak balek mesia lah!!

Our parents

p/s: عن عبد الله بن مسعود قالسألت النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم :أي العمل أحب إلى الله تعالى؟قال:الصلاة على وقتها,قال:ثمأي؟ قال:ثم بر الولدين ,قال:ثم أي؟ قالالجهاد في سبيل اللهقالحدثني بهن رسول الله صلى الله عليه
“Daripada Abdullah Ibnu Mas’ud Radiyallahu Anhu :Aku Telah Bertanyakan Pada Nabi (S.A.W),Apakah Amalan Yang Paling Dicintai Oleh Allah Taala:Nabi Bersabda,Solat Pada Waktunya,Aku Bertanya Lagi:Apa Lagi Wahai Rasulullah?Baginda Bersabda:Kemudian Berbuat Bakti Kepada Ibu Bapa,Aku Bertanya Lagi,Apa Lagi Wahai Rasulullah?Baginda Bersabda:Berjihad Di Jalan Allah,Kemudian Rasulullah Berkata Kepada Aku,Andai Kamu Bertanya Lagi Nescaya Akan Aku Menjawabnya.”
       [Hadis riwayat Imam Bukhari & Bukhari]

Thursday, December 8, 2011

boo lat

Hi There!

winterrrrrrr is comiiiiiiiiiing... oh waittttt, skrang la winternyeee adeess...
da december nie, but snow x turun cam november pown? sejok pown x sejok cam november pown.. =_=''
tapiii nape makan byk macam november jugak?? nape??

ohooo.. proses melemakkan badan bermula.. 
yea, dah bermula lame da.. 

so camne nk balancekan??
winter = makan banyak = boo lat.. booooo llaaaat, double bulaatt.. 
sooo, jom kita puasa sunat!! alang2 winter nie, berbuka pown awal, imsak lmbat.. tmbah pahala.. malam pown pnjang, bley la exercise solat2 tahajud sket.. :D:D
x ke gitu???

hehe.. kuar umah gelap, balek umah gelap.. if puasa mesti x terasa sgt.. hati pown tenang je bila puasa.. oh, i always feel that when i'm fasting.. :D sonooookkk.. x yah gelabah nk fikir makan kat mane and nk bawak duet berape, n nak makan time bile and so on so on on on so.. 

dude, it's wintahhhh!! =_=''

p/s: jom tingktkn ibadah time winter.. :D

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hi There!

assalamualaikum.. :)
today we, volgogradian ade closing ceremony kirovsky week kat masjid kirovsky.. 
theme: "sebarkan cinta rumah Ilahi".. very nice theme rite?? hehe, menyentuh hati semua muslimin kat volgo nie.. masjid nie dibina atas hasil usaha infaq muslims dari serata dunia.. and malaysian students here are a part of it.. 

lam kirovsky week nie ade photo contest.. so, i participate.. just trying my luck on something that i love the most.. photography.. i finally find my new passion.. taking photos.. and be in photos as well.. hehe.. :p x salah rite??? lock up all the memories, freeze it, frame it! :D 

photos worth thousands of unexplained expression.. that's why i love photography.. i can express everything i feel, i saw, i experience in a single shot and share it with others.. :) i just love the feeling.. and after dpt shot that i like, i feel puas!! puas sngt2.. cukup untuk hilangkan tension.. just doing this, i feel that i can freely express my feeling.. :)

so, i send 4 photos.. 2 DSLR n 2 non-DSLR.. theme photo contest: colour of life..
actually, i x de camera pown.. HAHA,, pinjam camera kawan2 aja.. x de duet agi nk beli.. T_T sedeeeyy.. sume hanta gmba2 yg sgt2222 cantekk,, rase segan plak, sbb they all photographer yg sgt2 pro.. and paling penting diorg ade CAMERA.. and me not.. sigh~ =_=''

here are my photos.. :)
winning photos!!!
58 votes.. :D winning photos..  that is not blood, i mixed sirap with minyakk hehe.. :D

52 votes.. a view from my balcony,, ignore my bad handwriting., =_=''

got 14 votes.. :p i posted this already rite!! love this much~

got 19 votes.. :D my personal fav!

thanks to all voters,,, involuntary n voluntary voters.. hehe.. :p and not to forget to the judges. :)
thanks to biro kirovsky sbb organized minggu kirovsky yg sgt2 cool!! :D:D

p/s: this boost up my spirit to make more photos!! :D 
* seriously, i need a dslr.. erm, maybe digi cam first.. hee.. anyone nak bagi? :p

Saturday, December 3, 2011

never grow up

Hi There!

it's december.. WHAT?? 2011 gonna end soon..
haishh.. semaken pendek umur di dunia.. semaken dekat nak date ngan Izrail..
ya Allah, berkatilah umur kami semua.. ameeen..

this morning kat uni, ade small photo exhibition kat ngan lobby uni..
theme:  "детсво" -childhood-

when i stared at one of the pic, it reminds me of my childhood.. the most unstress, joyful moment of my life!!

mase kita kecik2, everyone tends to like us..overload cutenesss level la katakan... HAHA.. :p btol la kan, baby semua cute2!!  my sis penah cakap, Allah nie hebat! sbb semua baby mesti cute2, x kesah la human baby, or baby ele, baby itik, baby ikan, coz, dgn cuteness tu, mak baby2 nie akan lembut hati.. n bertambah2 sayang.. so now, subhanallah!

one day, mase kat umah, i asked my mother and my father, mereka anggap sy cam umur berape.. haha.. bunyi cam lawak, but try la ask ur parents about this! the results are unexpected.. ngee

and here it goes:
me: umi, umi anggap adek umo brape ek skang?
umi: erm,, lima tahun.. adek kecik lagi.. :)
me: oh,, lima tahun??? ptutlaa... hurm.. abah plak anggap adek umo bape?
abah: older than lima taun.. macam 14 tahun.. hehe..
me: owh, abah da anggap adek besa la ek?
abah: not really, tapi bley la klu adek gi kedai sorang2, kurang da risau sket..
me: =_=''

lawak plak.. ngee.. so, why i asked them those q? because, if i nak bawak kete nk gi kedai yg jarak dia less than 1km pown, my mom pesan cam2. pkai seat beat, igt hon kat selekoh tu, jgn bawak laju sgt, ade pape call, jgn lintas2 kete org.. lampu merah berenti, jgn buat2 berani..  and me: nodding silently.. haha, after knowing that umi anggap me like 5 years old girl, i rase klaka sgt2 bila umi pesan macam2.. I LOVE U UMI!

abah plak cool je.. cme dia akan jadi suprised if i masak pape utk lunch.. hehe.. then he realized that i'm big now.. I LOVE U ABAH.. 

argh, homesick la plakkkkk.. aish... T_T

i'll never grow up umi n abah! 
i'll always be ur lil daughter.. 
ur lil 5 years old daughter.. :) 
always be..

p/s: listen to this..

So here I am in my new apartment
In a big city, they just dropped me off
It's so much colder than I thought it would be
So I tuck myself in and turn my night light on