Tuesday, November 26, 2013

avocado oil for oily skin


today, i wanna share some tips about skin care,
i know my skin wasn't flawless either. but i try to keep up with it.. 
bad skin, or i can say bad skin week will worn out ur confident.. as a hijabist, i would wear some "closed my cheek" type of hijab when i had breakouts..
but, u shouldnt be ashamed with ur skin prob, well u might be a lil ashamed, and that is totally normal.. haha.. as i am too behaving like that.. but, u should carry ur confident too! 

oh oh, dun ever wear make up, foundation, concealer, chemical bla bla bla when u have breakout unless if that overnite treatment spot is really working out for u.. make sure ur face is clean and not dry.. moisturise it

for oily or combination skin with breakouts u need some oil.. yeah, that freaking OIL.. u need em.. some people might say that this is crazy and risky, because ur skin is oily, and had acne and breakout and oily and u wanna put some oil? what?? but yeah, oil will help u..

breakouts.. during this time, if we overdo our chemical routine like using a generous amnt if chem on our acne, it will make em worst! just us a lil amount of spot treatment.. and after that put on ur moisturiser.. if u dun moisturise ur skin, ur dry skin will think that they need extra moistures and they keep producing sebum, so instead of having clear dry skin, in just less then 30 minutes after washing, u find out, ur skin is more olily then before u wash em.. so moisturise is the key here..  the best oil for oily skin is avocado oil. yup, avocado!

avocado oil is non comedogenic oil and basically it's content is a lil bit less like our naturally produced sebum.. so it mimics our sebum.. it is also rich with fat solube vits which r ADEK.. and it can increase collagen production.. hence, when we apply avocado oil to our skin, our skin will not produce extra sebum as this avocado oil will restore and moisturise our skin all day long.. i can say my skin feel more soft and supple.. i only used it for a week, and it reduces some of hyperpigmented area.. i will keep up with it.. 

us only 1-2 drops.. pat on ur palm, clap it twice and gently massage ur face with them..yeah u will smell like avocado.. haha, but sokay.. and and dun us more than that, or u will turn out like shiny like 'orang minyak' lol.. i bought it at perfume decor for abt 100rubles i think.. and it really do the miracle.. alhamdulillah..

u can add em to ur fav moisturiser.. few drops to a bottle will do.. i will keep on updating my review on natural product.. i'm also on honey mask and olive oil.. peel off once a week.. and green tea.. and yeah, avocado oil.. go green, go organic.. promoting a healthy lifestyle..

Monday, November 11, 2013

gaining weight?

salam and hello
so, i had plannd my strict diet regime and exercise in order to lose some weight, and it turned out to be successful! alhamdulillah.. :) in just two weeks i lost 4 kilos.. and i do not consume any supplement or drugs or anything..

first of all. when there is a will, there is a way.. keep on holding to ur motto.. motivation is the best policy.. if u r motivated enough, u wouldn't cheat! i know i know, sometimes u just wanna be free and undisciplined urself, well, these will not benefit u at all, but these will cause u to gain more weight.

MOTTO.. set it up! for me, i choose: get back on track!

first of all.. dun skip ur meal n ur breakfast.. eat moderately, but not to much..

i start my day with a mug of green tea without sugar,
and eat something for breakfast, like hotdog or whatsoeva u want, but remember, eat moderately,
then, during lunch hour, i'll eat sandwich or bread or something like that.. cause i'm busy travelling from class to lecture, bread or simple snack will do.. remember to bring along a bottle of water with u.. drink a lot, A LOT.. yeahh.. 
then, when u r home, take ur dinner, for me, i just eat sesenduk nasi with lauk.. and drink a bottle of green tea.. then, i drink up tu 2litres of water per day.. before sleep, i would do some simple abs exercise.. light form..

repeat that regime for as long a u want or until u get ur desirable weight.. and ouh, i jogged every weekend.. 3 rounds.. hill climbing jogging i can stay.. rasa nk cabut paru paru letak kat luar kasi dia breath in semua oxygen kat situ, so tiredddddddddd and sweatyyy.. but worth it.. then, do some exercise for muscle.. do it intensively after jog.. like 20 squat, 30 sit up, bicycle ride act for 15.. do it repeatedly.. 

disciplined urself!! dun eat too much sweets and chocs! erghh, if lapa minum je green tea.. and insyallah, with istiqamah and usaha, u will lose ur weight.. stay fit, stay healthy! 

berat badan ideal dapat mengurangkan risiko penyakit kronik, mnjamin kehidupan yang sihat... :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


lain orang, lain cara, lain hati,
ada orang yang senang je nak lupakan segala masalah, ada orang yang senang nak handle masalah, tapi lama lama dia terikat dengan sejarah dia sendiri, ada orang langsung x ley selesaikan masalah..
ada orang amek masa seminggu je nak move on, ade org x move on langsung, ade org move on separuh jalan je pastu buta mata..
siasat masalah tu perlu, tapi x wajib.. tapi kenapa ramai pilih utk terus siasat? walau pada akhirnya hati sendiri yang saket..
jangan percaya pada karma, tapi percayalah, bahawa apa yang kita buat kat orang, kita akan dapat balek, bila, kat mana dan macam mana, tu hanya Allah yang tahu..
kalau menangis sekarang pon x guna..  sbb x berharga orang kata.. 
x cukup lengkap lagi ke?
x pelah, bahagia orang laen, itu lagi membuatkan aku bahagia..
bahagia sendiri, biarlah tercari, necrosis dah hati ni.. smpai tahap gangrene da kot.. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

autumn jog

here we go again.. diet..
angka depan berat dah berubah.. ini malang..
makan x ingat dunia sapa suroh.. time game volley pon cepat letey.. stamina dah x de.. naek tangga tingkat lima pon rasa cam lungs dah kat luar jantung sket lagi nak kene defib.. lol

so, apa solusi? x kan just nak mengadu domba aja..
arini dah stat jog.. jog kat mamaev, syok oh!
pemandangan yg sgt cool and aman.. dengan autumn leaves and blue sky and that mat rodina.. rasa cam mamaev tu kitorg yg punya..

so tips:
utk org yg jog pakai pemberat cam saya, pastikan breakfast dlu.. dun even try to skip ur breakfast.
or u will end up hypoglycemic.. 
pakai pemberat and streching dengan pemberat tu, kasi kaki balance..
then, if x sempat nafas, time jog, dun even start to breath with ur mouth, nasal breathing je.
then, if weather under 10, sila bawa tisu.. nasal discharge will block ur breathing..
pastikan pakai pmberat tu jgn nak paksa kaki sgt.. if x larat buang kays..
then, buat abs exercise sket.. cari tmpat isolate and tenang..
and enjoy the results and sweat!!

stay fit, stay healthy, gonna loose weight soon!!
5kg to be destroy!