Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hi There!

orange jaipur tea.. make me stay up this longggg... haa..
only tea? yup.. only tea.. TEA!! =_='' lame kan? 
others taking cups of coffee to stay up.. 
but me, just a cup of tea.. 
LAME.. BOO.. yeah, boo me..

but dun boo much.. i'll kick u.. HAHA

last time i took coffee, mase kat intec dlu.. my housemate, kenalkan i ngan coffee BOSS.. haha.. HAHA.. REALYYYYYYY STRONG ONE.. believe me!!!! i barely sleep.. urgh.. *sebenarnye amek coffee sbb wat assignmnt last minutes.. i remmbr my housemate drank 2 tins of that.. and she can't sleep for abt 30 hours i think.. or more.. heheee.. :p

inilah boss.. brazil mari..

then, mase first year dlu, my housemate ade beli coffee bangla kat produkti dekat ngan umah.. haha.. sape2 minum x tidooo more than 24 hours.. HOHOOOOO.. strong maaa.. but i didn't take it.. HAHA

kat mesia minum je nescafe "O" ice.. tpi tgah hari je.. x berani minum malam.. kang i'm zombified.. haha SCARYY.. :P byk plak caps lock.. =_='' dun care.. 

okeyh.. the point is, third year really drive me mad.. now i'm thinking abt taking caffeine.. but, naseb x amek.. haha.. tea is enough for me.. but sometimes terlintas nk try coffee.. kang dependence x pasal.. *effect blaja pharmaco semua nk apply :D

preload all the info to BANG all the colloq coming ahead.. haha... bang22222 u!! 
bang apenye, oral based exam.. =_=''' urgh..

bang!!! bang bang banggggg!!!!!!!!! sonoknye if dpt bang2 jwb soklannnnn,, :B

p/s: medicstudentnolife...lifeonlyonfbntweetnblog..outsidelifeisonourwaytoclasshospitaletc.. i really mean this..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

our r square pie

Hi There!

winter.. snowflakes.. -13.. volgo.. russia..
sunny day.. green trees.. bird's chirping...

i miss malaysia... miss my family.. miss everything.. 
i wanna be perfect for them.. in every aspect of life..

my friends.. i love u all.. sincerelyy... 
be happy where ever u are rite now.. 
malaysia, russia, egypt, india, ireland, australia, america, united kingdom
and the list goes on....

to some friends... 
i think we should talk more back then...
i think i should know everybody better..

must have share all our lil secrets..
share everything that we love..
having a small chit chat when we bum to each other..
so that, now, i won't regret anything...
it's awkward when we used to know each other..
but remains an alien...
in mars..
in reality, we still on earth..

i coloured my life.. specifically.. not freely..
something i regret..

my personal fav.. taken when i'm on way to my fren's house..

p/s: can someone invent me a time machine?? coz, katy perry need it too.. :p

Saturday, November 12, 2011

snow again

Hi There

rite now in volgo, it's winterish autumn.. wujud ke perkataan tu?? dunnoo.. haha dun check it either it is exist in oxford dictionary or in collion's dictionary, bcoz, i'm pretty sure it doesn't exist.. HAHA.. 

i just love snow!! the snow flurries that fall down from the greyish sky (the sky isn't blue in winter) covered all the imperfection.. so, everything look nice, smooth and beauty.. *smpai rase cam nak baring2 golek2 even though dekat tong sampah.. =_=''

walking home from beloved uni.. :)
yeah, we love snow..
p/s: pleasseee dun melt!

Friday, November 11, 2011

beloved UGG

Hi There!~

almost a week without any new post..
hehe.. cam2 terjadi.. 

this year winter sgt2 early.. so sonok!! i just love snow!! :D:D putih2 everywhere.. if jalan2 lam park, smbil denga lagu2 lam secret garden mmg layan abess.. sronok2!! heee.. 
*okeyh terlebey excited ngan snow.. urghh~ 

sebenanye nk write sal my beloved UGG!!

my love, my life, my soul.... hehee... UGG nie la segala2nya.. n_n
i lovee UGG!!! diorg sgt2 selesa utk dipakai, senang dipakai, bergaya? maybe.. sgt warmmmmmmm~ and sebenarnye UGG sgt murahh!!! murah2222... i mean, if UGG yg jenama from aussie tu mmg la mahal, but yg biasa2 punya murahhh je.. 

soo, these are my babiess...

baby red, baby grey, baby busuk brown.. :D
with rodi's UGG in surgery class..
tapikan, sbb UGG nie teramat murah kat sini, selalu je ternampak org2 yg pkai UGG yg copy paste same cam my UGG.. mybe lam kilang dulu, diorg from the same piece of fiber? =_='' 

red baby in snowww.. :D ramai org ruski beli ini punya UGG.. so same.. 
dan bila nmpak ruski pkai UGG same.. so, that awkward moment..

and bila ur frens notice em too and poke u.. and gave u that typical glance.. =_=''

p/s: haha.. :D:D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

two-year-old, he

Hi There! 

assalamualaikum.. 2/11/11

today is my nephew's 2nd birthday!! huhu.. igt lagi mse mula2 dia nak lihat dunia, sebok2 msg umi n abah kat mesia lam kelas russian.. =_='' punyala x saba.. haha.. overdue baby la kan.. 

dengan meningktnye umur dia, maka da dua taun sy kat russia.. pheww~ rase cam baru smalam pre-departure program ngan senior2!! ahakkkk, poyo je, padahal nak je balek cepat.. :p

adam bley jmpe che sue dia yg jelita nie jarang2 je.. setaun ade la dalam 20 hari jumpe.. hehe.. nape jrg jumpe?? sbb, dia dok cameron highlandss.. tempat pelancongan eksklusif.. :D sbb mama n papa dia keje sane.. dia ade sorg kakak yg amat2 nakal.. jap, if kakak dia nakal, dia ape? super nakal? super sayaa? haha.. HAHA.. 

pape pown.. 
che sue love u always and always be.. 
adam, senyyyuuumm, chak!!!
Wan Muhd Adam
p/s: besanyo la spek.. =_=''