Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi There!


kerana sesungguhnya jagung itu sedap,
kerana sesungguhnya jagung itu manis,
kerana sesungguhnya jagung itu comel..

:D hehehe

"garachiee kukuruzi... vibirite devchonki.." ayat2 famous dari aunty2 jual jagung depan hospital.. teringin nak beli, tapi cam x hygiene je.. =.='' *byk sgt blja microbe? papejela.. 

comey x??? comey x?? comey kan!!!

p/s: rindu plak nk makan sweet corn kat mesia.. terutama yg kat depan spital.. mkn together2 with along and gamilin.. :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hi There!

today is saturday.. medic stud's dream dayyyyyy... coz at last, we got our saturday nite life peeps! heyyya! :D
just write2 some notes, no need to memoriez anythinggg... no neeed to sleep with noteeee.. yeay!!

no medical stuff

layan nie jap.. hee.. 

p/s: lagu bep skang sume partay type.. hee.. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi There!

assalamualaikum.. :)
waalaikumusalam *scara involuntarynye u all da jawab..hee

this morning i'm having my therapy class ngan most well-know prof kat volgo... :D guess who la kan.. n_n

he revealed one great myth abt sports!!!! 

he said that, actually sports doesn't lead to weight loss.. but, sbnrnye sports nie bring more harm then benefits throughout life.. 

eg: jogging = jumping movement, may cause lesions to joints.. it's hurt! and it is not applicable for elder people 

he said that, the most efficient way to burn fat is by practicing slow movement..

eg: try to sit from a standing position reeeeaalllly slowwwwllllly... hehe.. i guess sume org penah merasa camne wat skuad... saket sume muscle2 kan??? because, muscle overwork!! and cause the pain.. if duduk cepat2, only one movement involve, muscle senang nk tolerate...

i think that, sports is for maintaing good body shape rather than losing weight.. if nak krgkn berat badan, bley la berjinak2 ngan taichi.. hehe.. :D 

and that prof told us that, the besssttt way to loose weight is by reducing ur meal.. but not till u'll be mulnutrition... =_='' just cut out a bit.. control ur diet.. :) 

and and and, he add that 20 minutes of walking (NOT jogging) please note that, will be enough for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal exercises.. 

p/s: weight loss can decreases risk of arterial hypertension!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi There~!
IF ade kucing kan seronok!! ade sape2 x nk bagi kucing cute?? hehe.. 
mesti la x de.. =.=''
nak kucing camnieeeey!!!!!!! 
pleeaaseeeee.. n_n

kit!!! say helloo!! *meow2.. haha.. =_=''
name dia kit and dia ade twin name cino.. ske ati je cilok gmba kucing kwn kat fb.. tapi, comey kan!!!!  KAN!!! klu x comey, mknenye, korg ade severe astigmatism, x pown glaucoma.. better treat urself with pilocarpine *applied pharmacology..HAHA.. 

p/s: costly jugak ade pet nie.. huhu.. but, satisfaction lagi penting kan.. hee.. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi There~!!

after 2 years in volgo, 
after going photo outing with girlfriendss, 
after scrolling over my friend's photo album about how great autumn in here, 
after seeing the sun shining through my window, 
now i realize that, volgo has had a place in my heart.. 
a really special place.. 
despite all the problems, hectic life in here.. 
i had fall in love with volgo.. 
be proud russia!! to have a gorod like no other 

don't judge something based on what other's say
take a baby step, 
try to find something that u love,
acknowledge it in ur own way,
see it with ur own eye,
experience everything with ur own six senses.. 
then, u'll be unconditionally in love,
in an unexpected way,
just so into it,
just because u enjoy being urself,
no matter where and with whom,
u are, just being u...
because, there's always 
a world that 
we should explore.. 

captured from a park here in volgo...

p/s: appreciate everytin! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the reality

Hi There~!!

assalamualaikum... mula2 skali, bace nie..



tahniah! anda da berzikir! insyallah bertmbah pahala.. heee...

actually, this is my only week yg free from COLLOQ! so YEAYYYY!!!!! hehe
buttttt, reality check!! today abes kelas kul 6, ari2 kene study abt >20pages of new thingss.. aish... okeyh, microbe, philo, exception.. diorg sket... but try pharmaco n therapy, up to abt 50 pages.. T_T nanges2!!! blow up otak.. haha.. but, this is medic.. this is 3rd year, last theoretical year.. fuuuuh~ rase cam baru je rabu, tetibe esok dah rabu.. sigh~ =.=''

bangun pagi, gi kelas, balek kelas, dinner, stadi2, tetido, bangun, cuak2, stadi.. glance fb sket, stadi, tido proper way, pastu pagi.. and cycle repeated.. 

kat kelas plak, kdg2 kene kaw2 ngan chegu2, kadang2 rase like a boss sbb bley jawab, tapi kdg2 rase total loser sbb x tau pape, kdg2 lucky xsbb x kene tnye.. haha.. but, evryday blaja sumtin new.. nothin much yg repeated.. =_='' alhamdulillah, sbb Allah jadikan capacity brain kita unlimited, if la brain capacity just 1 tera, rasenye skang nie dah red bar da.. hee...

quite similar to what medic students lalui everyday.. 
sebok x?? sebok kannn, kann kann.. byk sket kan tu.. haha..btw, dlam busy2 nie, we must take care of ourself to.. camne?? hurm, smbil2 blaja n dalam kesbukan why not we apply some sunnah from Rasulullah..

hehe.. jom try! :D
 p/s: jgn terlalu leka ngan ke'busy'an.. try to find some time to console our self with words from Allah..

Monday, October 24, 2011

teen no more

Hi There!~

yup yup yup
i'm TWENTY.. no more teen..
huh.. terasa amat2 tua..
but, my sis said that i just turned 12.. HAHA.. not 20.. love u sis! muahx2!!
ngee.. haha.. 
on my 20th besday, i got a llloot of presents.. hehe.. sonok2!!
really appreciate em.. x sangka..
hehe, even after 2 weeks pass my besday, but still got some cuites friends yg still bagi hadiah.. 
TO ALL BABES yg bagi i adiah... THANKS2!!!! 
hnya Allah yg tahu betapa gmbiranya hati nie.. hehe.. :D:D

some of the adiah2 daripada warga comey volgo:

munga2!!! hehe farahin kasik! yeaaa.. sonok sgt.. siap delivery smpai katil..
kak mas n usrahmate kasi.. bley letak2 notes.. HAHA, nerdy nye la letak note.. =_=''
scarf, tmpt letak notes, chos tu my baby n my big sis kat sini kasi, comey x? comey kan
teddy tu name dia tobby, blue box tu, uterus dia.. =_=''
perfume tu dak laki kelas kasi.. :D
personal present from akak naqibah.. :) hehe
set pinggan mangkuk form housemate.. ase cam dpt adiah kawen.. HAHA..
comey x? bertmbah koleksi mangkuk kat umah nie.. hehe
tarrraaa, nie la paper bag wat isi adiah n bakal wat isi labcoat.. n second shoes.. :D
dapat tiga selendang!!! :D:D sonok! classmate pompuan kasi.. hehe..

p/s: nie la adiah2 hari tua.. :D:D:D sronok sgt!!!! hehe..
feeell like whoa!!!! whoa whoa whoa!!! byk skett.... :p

Sunday, October 23, 2011

circadian cycle

Hi There~

skang transition from AUTUMN to WINTER
day shorten, night becomes longer

stimulation of melatonin increases when in dark.. or myb at night..
now, it's only 6.00pm but day already say bye2.. T_T

bukak2 lappy, pastu menguap.. rase cam da pkul 11pm.. pull my blanket, wraps it around my body, amek hanphone, unlock, tgok jam.. WHATTT??!! bru pukul 8.00pm?? aiyyyaaaa... 

counting imaginary sheeps earlier each day.. as early as 7 pm.. sighhhh.. =_='''

ngantok awal.. huhu.. camne niee... i need to stay awake.. if not mati lam kelas kene pancung ngan chegu2.. T_T

p/s: daylight saving da x apply da kat russia.. so, it's harder.. T_T when u woke up and u feel like it's around 5am before u check ur phone and realize that it's already 7.30am.. u dun feel like a boss anymore...

barely open my eyes

Friday, October 21, 2011

nasik aye lemon!

Hi There~

fuuuuhhh~ lega abes collooooq!!! yeah2!! even though x de la igt 100% semua name2 drugs pharmaco tu, but, after several nights tido unintentionally, tonight i'm gonna sleep like a boss!! HAHA.. 

nasik aye lemon?? hehe, bakpo tajok gitu? coz, it's my turn to masak today.. and i cook these! 

nasik aye lemon so!

huuu, sronokk sgt masak after kelas pharmaco.. hehe.. i feel like i had won a great glory victory after friday.. wanna why?? because, friday is the last day of the week that i had to work till i feel like my blood brain barrier gonna burst... haha.. and, i want to masak2 sedap2 on every friday, as a token of appreciation to myself, and my lovely housemates after one HARD WEEK! *seriously one week rase cam sekejjjjaaapp je... tup2 da sabtu.. =_='' 3rd yeahh.. sighh~

so, how nasik aye lemon was done?? senang aja,,, as simple as ABC.. hehe.. let me tell ya

1/2 whole chicken
a lemon
curry powder
an egg
a cup of water
a heart full of loveee.. hehee

firstly, rebus ayam n amek air rebusan for tanak nasi.. as if buat nasi ayam.. but dun let that ayam over cook/over rebus, coz we gonna goreng2 that ayam..

then, mixed some flour with 3 table spoons of curry powder and a pinch of salt.. salut ayam ngan telur and bedakkan ngan tepung nie.. hehe.. n_n then goreng2... api kecik ye.. nnti hangit plak..

then, for lemonnye kuah... perah jus lemon, put it in a mangkuk.. then, masukkan jus tadi lam periuk with about a cup of water.. kcau2 ngan api kecik.. masukkan skit kulit lemon, kasi nmpk meriah sket,, :P then, masukkan gula until ade rase manis2 sket..wait until it boil.. and then TARRAA!!!! SIAP!!

hehe, with a heart full of love, tuangkan jus lemon tu atas ayam goreng.. and hias2 sikit.. WHOA!! enjoy ur meal!!! :D:D:D

i love to make this, coz x yah gunna bawang,, so x yah nanges2 time potong bawang.. hehe.. try it! u'll love it!

p/s: lagi byk ayam lagi best, lagi byk bley makan.. hehe.. :p

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hi There,

best pic for today, after photo shooting.. :) 
love ur friends for the sake of Allah.. :)

jdi kecik.. hehe.. :D

to all my friends: hugs and kisses from me.. muahx!! :p

Friday, October 7, 2011

nasi kerabu easy way

Hi There!! 

hehe, batman return!!! hehe, x lah, i'm return.. ngee~ lame x update resepi an.. btw, thanks to my classmate, bgi cdgan kat sy utk buat nasi kerabu.. hehe.. this is my reallly 1st attempt.. huhu.. x sedap sgt pown, but bley la buat.. :D just take about 1 hour to make this thing... sooo, what u should have to make a really easy nasi kerabu... heee, brg2 nie kbykn sy da alter sket2 coz kat sini amat susah nk cari yg sebijik cam kat mesia,, alter pown ok la, jnji dpt ubat windu kat nasi kerabu umi~ :D

my version of nasi kerabu consists of : *ayt cam pharmaco da.. =_=''
ayam percik
kerabu ikan
budu (bwk dari kelate!)
smbal umi (bwk dari umah! waalllllla!)
nasi kaler biru

so camne nk wat?? let us start with:

 ayam percik..
1/2 whole chicken
a cup of coconut milk
lada kering

firstly, perap ayam tu ngan halia n bawang putih.. then, mula masak kuah percik.. tumis bawang, halia n lada kering until nmpk cam da ok, then, msukkan sntan.. kacau2 until boil, then, masukkn tepung (nk kasi pekat), then tggu dia boil.. pastu msukkan garam n gula. wallaa!!! hehe.. nk sedap, amek kuah percik nie, salut kat ayam n bakar.. but sbb umah x de baker, i choose to goreng2 da ayam.. :D

kerabu ikan
2 tins of sardin 
bawang besar sket
capsicum (kaler ape2 pown bley)

masukkan semua bahan2 tu lam satu periuk n kacau atas api.. :) penyek2 kan ikan sardin tu.. and mash up ngan bwang n capsicum.. klu nk pedas letak la lada.. hehe.. capsicum n bawang tu hiris halus2..  then, letak garam secukup rasa... walla!! senang kan...

and mushroom (yg wrna itam2 tu)

semua sayur2 nie, potg halus222.. cucumber tu klu bley parut la, but i didn't have the pemarut.. so need to cut it manually.. :) then, gaul2 semua.. letak lam mangkuk.. siap!

nasi kaler biru
pewarna biru

mula2, nk kasi nasi jadi byk, rendam dlu beras tu.. credit to syeera, dia yg kasi tips nie.. hehe.. rendam for abt 15 minutes myb.. then, basuh beras cam biasa, letak halia n tanak.. after nasi da masak, buat lubang2 kat nasi tu, titikkan beberapa titis pewarna biru.. then gaul2 nasi until they all turn blue...

okeyh, tu je.. woah!!! da siap pown.. selamat mencuba!! :) resepi nie mmg utk org2 yg kesuntukan masa, n berada di tempat yg x de bahan yg mncukpi.. 

so frens, try it!!! <3 u all!! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hi There,

lame da x bloggiiiingg.. windu2!!! i miss u blog! hehe.. :D:D about 3 months kowt x blog.. huhu.. amat lame.. nk blog pnjang2 tapii, esok i got 2 hard subjectsss... huhh~ ades, cam la klu x blogging, study.. hehe.. but, at least ade effort.. :P ok la kan.. btw, skang volgo sgt2222 SEJOK!! aishh, very collld!!! huh, shivering all the time.. kadang2, just nk heatkan bdan by covering bdn ngan blanket n lay down for a while.. but, when i opened my eye, wallaa!! it's 7am in the morning, with my hands holding notess which are not even read by me last night.. sigh~ =_=..

till then.. :D